Saturday, January 24, 2015

Word on the Street

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Most of the readers of this blog have already heard the Word on the Universal Street that events around the globe urge us to move, promptly, in the direction of getting a grip on the Co-Creation with Consciousness concept. It bears repeating though, doesn't it?  Words like,

" in creation, stewards of the Earth's well-being, and conscious participants in the cosmic epic of evolution," 

to quote Jean Houston for instance, are familiar to many of you, yes? If not, please contact me immediately for a remedial reading and viewing list. 

As for me, I know that I have to regularly DO things to help align my thinking intentionally with a higher view of what's going on down here. I have to read smart and inspiring material, meditate and contemplate, be in nature, move my body, look at the creations of others and be with other people creating things or, I'm probably going to end up being mean to someone I love, (could be me), eating or drinking something or just more than what is beneficial to me, or avoiding something that I have the longing and intention to accomplish. 

Moving in the direction of higher consciousness is, at it turns out, not only a support to humanity and the planet, but it's also a support to me. OH! What a coincidence! Doing what's good for humanity and the planet FEELS BETTER to me too!  As Donald Epstein, beloved founder of Network Spinal Analysis and coiner of the phrase and movement called "Reorganizational Healing", has said,
     "If there's a discrepancy between who you truly are and the life that you're leading, if you're not playing at the top of your game, it's supposed to hurt! That's how you know!"

The phrase "Constant Vigilance" comes to mind. That's what it takes for me. The Good News is: I get thrown off track much less often than I used to, no matter what the circumstances, I'm quicker at re-aligning when I start to discombobulate, and I am more honest about what I need to do today and for-EVER, in order to continue evolving myself. Thanks for your patience.

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