Sunday, February 8, 2015

Like it's Air

Sometime last night, or maybe early this morning, 
Alice left her body. 

     My mother-in-law had been struggling, in and out of the hospital for short stays for the last few months. When she went back to the hospital yesterday, no one really thought she'd be gone today. Minutes before my husband called to tell me, I had drawn a picture in my journal of something I woke up with last night and remembered this morning. I thought it was me. Now I don't.

You've had those moments, haven't you? We've all had them--when we understand, that we're connected in some way that has nothing to do with our physical bodies or conversations. We may not know exactly how it works, but we still know. We know it so deeply, that we forget, we take it for granted, like the air we breathe.
     Here's to you Alice, thank you for being my mother-in-law. I loved you. I will always love you.