Monday, June 2, 2014



What I know now, after years of continued reading, observing and practicing, is that I have nothing new to say about being on a conscious journey. Mystics, saints and seekers have said the same thing for as long as we have recorded history -- that we are a part of the one continuous fabric of creation, and various different practices – yoga, meditation, prayer, chanting, contemplation, silence, for example can lead us to the experience of that.  The classic plea of the seeker to the master, “Make me one with everything”, is impossible, because we already are, it isn’t something anyone else can make happen to us.

However, when I read the words of people recounting an experience of something that pierced them right through all the forgetfulness to the core of their remembering, I am grateful; I remember again myself. And that is, I believe, the reason I continue to write. We are not meant to do this alone, it is in community, that we experience the joy of the simple and mesmerizing truth of our limitless connectedness to Everything. The trick, the challenge these days, with the vastness of the internet, is how best to actually connect out there. It's like reaching into the sky, into outer space, for a hand to hold. Well, here's mine..