Saturday, March 3, 2012

Techno Dune Shack Dharma

     Today I not only bought an I-phone, but also put a deposit down on a new laptop, brand new Office package software and 3 year service plan. I was actually ready to buy the damn thing, go home and have at it, but they didn't have the one I wanted in stock, of course, since it has taken me six months and two near fatal moments of crashing computer panic before I arrived at this day, today, that I was ready. I walked out the door of my house singing mantras on the way to my car, in full decisive action mode, clear about the make (MacIntosh, again, let's face it, it's an addiction, there are no doubt 12 step programs out there for those of us with obvious MacIntosh co-dependency issues), model, (MacPro - 15" screen, even though those, sleek, new desk top models are so sexy, and even the 17 inch notebook looks fine, I just don't want to lug around more than necessary, since lugging is apparently, Dune Shack Dharma not withstanding, still part of my personal,, code of ethics? I dunno, but, I mean, I'm afraid of The Cloud. It's frightening enough that I have succumbed to owning a desktop, I-Pad and I-Phone - what's next? I-Husband? Hmmm, something to contemplate. Steve Jobs, where are you now?

     But there is overriding good news. I did all that because I have managed to secure a friend's barn/studio in wonderful South Truro for a year while she takes a sabbatical at an ashram. I can barely believe it myself. There's no wi-fi or internet connection there, cell phone service is iffy, making it the dream come true writing retreat. Boosting up my techno gadgetry allows me to have a little bit of, emergency outside contact, you know like emergency chocolate in the car, for when you just must have some. 

    I can only be out there part-time since I continue to be a grateful and happily hard working chiropractor and yoga teacher at the other end of the Cape, so I've secured a partner to share it with me who can also only be there part time. As always, so much remains to be seen.