Tuesday, February 25, 2014

From Myth to Magic

 The main mentor for the Re-Organizational Healing work that I do with health and wellness practice members in my office, is Dr. Donald Epstein. In his book Healing Myths, Healing Magic he takes thirty-one ideas about health and healing common to our culture and breaks them down into the categories of Social, Bio-Medical, Religious and New Age. He then follows each of what he calls the "Myths" with a "Healing Magic" statement. I have found through a workshop that I lead in my office on this book that many of his statements cause us to stop and examine the "myths", with a new, often very beneficial lens. 

Here's an example:

                                                               New Age

"Myth: I am responsible for creating my reality. 

MAGIC: I am not responsible for creating my external reality. I am responsible for my internal state of mind, emotion, and vibration. I am responsible for focusing my attention on my inner environment in relationship to my life circumstances. It is my gift to become aware of the state of tension, pain, or ease in my bodymind, and to accept my experiences - pleasant or unpleasant - with non-judgement and love."

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